Welcome and thank you for your interest in Afterschool.org! The website is currently in development.

In the meantime, while the site is under construction, we want to highlight some afterschool programming resources available from EEC/FHI 360, the hosts of Afterschool.org.

EEC develops bias-free programs and materials in science, math, and teasing and bullying with a focus on gender equity and inclusion. Programs can be incorporated into schools as well as administered in afterschool settings.

Great Science for Girls (GSG) provides inquiry-based, informal science learning programs that will stimulate girls’ curiosity, interest and persistence in STEM and break down the barriers of gender stereotyping. Programs from this NSF-funded (National Science Foundation) initiative thrive in afterschool environments across the U.S.

FHI 360's education work in the United States spans the continuum of learning and development from early childhood to adulthood. Our programs are designed to improve teaching and learning, increase family involvement, promote learning in formal and informal education settings, foster business and education partnerships, expand access to education for children and youth with disabilities, and enhance career and college readiness.