Disability Awareness & Inclusion

The inclusion of youth with disabilities has been a core element of EEC’s mission since its inception, and we continue to incorporate the concept of inclusion in all of our programs. Our math and science programs have been field tested with students with disabilities and include modifications to ensure they are fully accessible to students with a broad range of physical, cognitive, and social/emotional disabilities.

Afterschool Inclusive Math

Afterschool Inclusive Math (AIM), funded by the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation and the NEC Foundation of America, provides youth with and without disabilities the opportunity to work together on real-world, inquiry-based math. AIM is based on After-School Math PLUS, an engaging curriculum that helps students find the math in everyday experiences. After-School Math PLUS creates unique partnerships between afterschool centers and science/technology museums. AIM brings this distinctive, standards-based program to inclusive afterschool settings.

Program Materials

The AIM Guidelines describe the need for and characteristics of successful afterschool inclusive math programs. The Guidelines include:

  • A checklist for an exemplary afterschool inclusive math program
  • Lessons learned for exemplary inclusion
  • Management tips for the inclusive math classroom
  • Formula for success

AIM Guidelines.pdf

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Evaluation Report - Afterschool Inclusive Math.pdf

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Including All of Us

Including All of Us is a nonsexist, multicultural guide for incorporating the topic of disability into the early childhood curriculum: Same/Different (hearing impairment), Body Parts (visual impairment), and Transportation (mobility impairment).

Playtime is Science
After-School Math PLUS

Program Materials